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Istanbul 216 is an impressive combination of an A Class project, technology, quality materials and workmanship.

Located within the planned modern world, which is being completely reconstructed at the heart of Kadıköy and at an important point of the E-5 highway, the main vein of business trade and finance transportation of the Anatolian side, and which is doubtlessly at the best location of this world, Istanbul 216 has become indispensable for earning enthusiasts with its premium increase that has been realized so far and that will be realized in the future, and it will continue to be indispensable for them henceforwards.

Project Details

Builder:  Construction

Land Area:  26.000 m²

House Types:   1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1

Number of Houses:  1.174

Commercial Areas:  39 m² – 5.000 m²

Range of Area in Square Meter:   52 m² – 246 m²

Date of Delivery:  2018

Entitlement to Naturalization:   Yes

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