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Establishment of 26 years, Turkey was perform under the first planned urban transformation project, 190,000 square meters of indoor space, the company is being crowned with Istanbul 216 projects consisting of 1173 independent section, left behind 26 years, 240 thousand square meters of housing, 60 thousand square meters, including commercial space It carried out the construction and sales processes of many valuable projects such as Golden Tower, Gold Tower, Adana Meridyen, Cumbalı Konaklar with a total indoor area of ​​300 thousand square meters.


Demkay Yapı was founded in 2011 to build innovative and contemporary buildings as a result of 25 years of construction and real estate experience. Demkay Yapı, involved in urban and on-site transformation projects, has developed earthquake-resistant projects for the transformation of the city. Demkay Yapı has an important place in the construction and real estate market with the buildings that bring money to its investors. Şehr-i Deniz Kartal, Live Park, and Life Park was realized in Istanbul as a Demkay Yapı invesments.


Almara İnşaat started its activities in the construction industry in 1990 as “Tanışlar İnşaat”. It has carried out its activities intensively in Istanbul and completed many prestigious residential projects. It has started to produce PVC windows, kitchen cabinets, and doors with the companies it established under its own name, and achieved great success in these areas.


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Onur İnşaat ve Onur Çimento

Started in Trabzon in the 1960s, our commercial activities, continued in Istanbul in the 1973s on construction materials. At that time, we had the idea of investing in ready-mix concrete because our customer and market share was partially formed thanks to our constant and close relations with the cement markets. Set Beton A.Ş. was planning to establish a facility in the Hadımköy region when we received the investment incentive for the application; it decided to stop establishing a facility and meet the demand for concrete in the market through us as a result of our initiatives. Thus, Onur İnşaat Malz. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. entered the ready-mix concrete industry in 1994.

After about 5 years of our reciprocal business relationship, we ended our cooperation with Set Beton in 1999 and promptly restructured. Onur Beton’s name, logo, and registrations were determined. Work on the required standards was completed. Our efforts to become a leading brand in the industry continue by determining general customer satisfaction and quality production issues as our primary objective.
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Building brand new beginnings with each one its projects, Beyazlar Group has created perfect living spaces with projects based on happiness since 1972 and reached a prestigious place in the sector.

Interpreting living as a part of nature as the main need of human beings and blending aesthetics and modernism in its projects skilfully, Beyazlar Construction builds safe investments for the future with its works that respect the environment and people.


YENİ YAPI A.Ş., which adopts quality as a way of life and maintains accuracy and trust as its most important values, has risen to a different position among the reputable companies of the industry with its construction works it carries out under its commitment with a management approach based on “respect for human beings” since its establishment.

We have the consciousness and responsibility to build significant milestone architectural works in our country with the projects we have developed in light of the pristine and exemplary designs.

Our primary objective is to add value to the region where our projects are located, to make high-quality production, to create contemporary and aesthetic living spaces, to integrate state-of-the-art technologies into our projects, and to produce world-class safe living spaces.



Şua İnşaat was founded by Nimetullah Kaya in 1992. Starting with the aim of creating structures that shape the future, Şua İnşaat has succeeded in bringing aesthetics and ease of life to the city with its knowledge and experience.

Planning its projects without compromising on the principles of pioneering, entrepreneurship, teamwork, social responsibility, customer satisfaction, and stability since its establishment, Şua İnşaat has been able to serve its customers successfully in the long term.

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We continue to produce new structures every day with the philosophy and approach of life architecture by developing projects of extraordinary architectural quality and unique value based on our understanding of excellence.



AVVA Yapı Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi, headquartered in Istanbul, was established in 2006.

AVVA has taken its place in the industry in less time in a regional sense as a result of the importance it attaches to total quality in the projects it implements and undertakes. AVVA, which has been carrying out larger projects with these accumulations day by day, is moving rapidly and confidently towards its goal of becoming a national brand. Contracting requires, first and foremost, loyalty and respect to the creativity at the heart of the projects. The breaking point of the project is the sensitivity that will be exhibited while carrying it from dream to reality. AVVA approaches every project with this contemporary perspective and works with perfect cooperation and team spirit in which each involved person integrates with the essence of the project in all processes.



The foundations of YDK Yapı were laid in 2011. YDK Yapı, not only carrying out building and construction activities in the projects with its signature, but also considering it as a mission to determine the living and investment standards of the future, has tried to improve the world by adding value to life and the modern city skyline since the day it was founded with different projects in terms of scope, concept, and design.

YDK Yapı, an organization that emerged by combining the experience and know-how of professionals who have spent years in the building and construction industry, has become one of the sought-after brands of the industry in a short time by offering all the services that can be imagined in the industry with a different understanding.

Sefa İnşaat

Sefa İnşaat

Sefa İnşaat is a family company established in 1977 and has made real estate investments and commitments in many parts of the country since its establishment. Our company, which mainly produces luxury residences in decent neighborhoods with build-and-sell method, has also made and continues to make private construction commitments and business centers.

Our company, dealing with the requirements of rapidly changing technology and socio-cultural environment with the most innovative original styles and designs, contributes to healthy urban transformation with contemporary buildings; it is a branded construction company with its professional management, fast organizational structure, and experienced technical personnel.



Teknik Yapı is a construction company at first glance. For those who know it closely, “our difference from others is our structures”. Most importantly, our structure, which is reflected in our buildings, is our values, our understanding, our approach, in short, our culture. Our culture is to have the most important goal in terms of customer satisfaction.

In addition to legal obligations, to keep all the structures we make under the guarantee of our company…

To continuously increase the efficiency and competitiveness of our customers with a superior teamwork, to provide products and services beyond their expectations, and to identify the guarantee of their structures with their own name… Honor of always completing the works we undertake in a systematic and dynamic working tempo, on time, and with quality we have promised…
The desire to design unique structures and make a difference with an innovative approach…
The speed and superiority of benefiting from high technology at every stage of production…
The happiness of being able to be the choice again of more than 80% of our customers…
To ensure the continuity of our quality with the international ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate.
We have structures that emerge as a result of all these and are distinguished from the others. In short, our “difference from others is our structures”.



Founded in 2017, YGA YAPI stands out as one of the young companies in the sector. The company, which has built a huge project in Sultanbeyli, the developing region of the Anatolian Side, calls this project Merkez Residence.

Current Projects of YGA Yapı

There are 220 houses and 57 commercial areas in the project built on a 13,000 square meter land area, while YGA Yapı meets all the requirements of the modern age in this mixed project. The project, which includes 2+1 and 3+1 type houses, consists of four blocks in total. 

Projects in Central Location

This project of YGA Yapı, which draws attention with its location, is located in front of Sultanbeyli Tollbooths. Merkez Residence is located 70 meters from Hasanpaşa Metro and draws attention with its proximity to Atlas Shopping Mall. YGA Yapı, aiming to ensure that the landlords meet all their needs without having to go outside the site, includes nursery, sauna, Turkish bath, indoor parking and outdoor bazaar as social equipment in this project.

Children Friendly Applications

This project of YGA Yapı, which stands out with its green areas and children-friendly applications, aims to enable parents to socialize without being wrapped in their children. 

Profitable Projects from YGA Yapı

YGA Yapı projects, which stand out with their different apartment types, location close to the metro and social facilities, draw attention for the purpose of investment as well as for the purpose of using as residence. The projects to be realized in the new period by YGA Yapı, which prefers regions that show stable development in both for sale and rental housing prices, are also awaited with curiosity.

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It carries out the sales and marketing organization of all kinds of residential, office, hotel and commercial real estate projects operating all over the world.

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