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It is a professional Marketing and Sales organization that adds A to Z value to business developers in all stages of the marketing and sales process of construction projects of private / foreign investors. MATAR Project Marketing carries out the sales and marketing organization of all kinds of residential, office, hotel and commercial real estate projects operating all over the world.

MATAR’s main goal is to provide a high level of service quality by taking into consideration the wishes of the customers in all of its projects and to reveal its technical capabilities with its team culture.

It draws it effective power in sales; From its qualified and sales-oriented staff, reliable solution partners and strong collaborations. We achieve high success by taking the sales burden off the shoulders of the companies with which we work and by completing the sales of the project within the planned time with our high performance culture and our dynamically-managed strategic portfolio structure.

Matar Project Marketing - Our Values

Our Values

Trust and Solidarity

We know very well that permanent business relationships can only be based on mutual trust and responsibility.

Customer Centricity

With the awareness that internal and / or external customers are always important, we maintain the balance between the company and the customer, determine the expectations of the customer and provide customer satisfaction by providing appropriate services.

Team Spirit and Passion

We approach every work that we do, with enthusiasm, excitement and perseverance and by believing it heartfeltly; We activate our entire environment with our energy.

Continuous Improvement

We question ourselves and the work we do, by being excited about innovation and with a positive curiosity. In order to be always better, we learn from our past experiences, develop with our vision of the future, and become the pioneers of change.


By using communication tools and methods effectively, we convey the necessary and correct information to the right person, right unit and relevant associated institutions in a timely and accurate manner.

Fair Conduct

Systems without justice cannot look to the future with confidence. The basis of our understanding of sustainable justice for both our employees and our business partners is success and performance criteria.


We believe in the understanding that Differences and Diversity are our richness. We believe that we owe our reasons for success to these richness.
Matar Project Marketing - Vision


To maintain and consolidate our agency relations with our worldwide communication network, technology, expertise and impact values, to benefit from the new generation opportunities of technology, to offer the best investment methods, to be always the “best” by developing interesting marketing strategies and sales tactics.
Matar Project Marketing - Mission


Our first priority is to create value for our customers and to respond to their expectations with quality and stability.

In optional improvement steps for the management of real estate projects; We use methods, services and professional strategies such as business development, market analysis, sales strategy, agency management, multinational sales teams, marketing strategy, project evaluation and agency network.

The basis of Matar activities is the values defined throughout the company. Each Matar employee fulfils his duties by considering these values and knows that this plays an important share in our success.

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It carries out the sales and marketing organization of all kinds of residential, office, hotel and commercial real estate projects operating all over the world.

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